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O.K. ladies,  I need all of you who rock jerseys on a regular basis as a show of team support to catch this wave. I’m not talking to the cute girlfriends who dress up to fit in during the game party. No, I’m talking to the ladies who scream at the TV,  and dare anyone talk foul about your team. LOL! I’m talking to Fire Fan nation.

There is a new real time, interactive sports game app being launched, and it’s called Fire Fan. Fire Fan is tooting it’s horn proclaiming to launch as “the” best sports game app of our century. You’ll be able to form teams, play live against rivals,  and make real time game predictions. All  during game time, as live games are playing on the screen. Talk about turn up for what at the tail gate party.

They are launching with a focus on football, baseball, and soccer for now, but may expand to more sports later.   It is said that celebrities,  and star athletes are just waiting for the release,  and some of them will be playing right along with us.

Are you excited yet?

As if the game options, and features are not enough to get you hype.  They are shooting for a release date of Thanksgiving Day 2016. No pressure there. I mean NFL fire-fan-3-sportsgames are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. This year’s holiday games will feature a mouth-watering triple header of games with playoff implications. {Check out the thanksgiving day line up below}

We all enjoy a good game be it live watching, or on our devices. Now let’s talk prizes,  and rewards. The game is going to give us reasons to play beyond just entertainment and bragging rights. Fire Fan is  set up to give players some real nice player rewards. In the forms of  tickets, trips and gear oh my! Among other things, some even say athlete meet, and greets. If your drooling at the mouth, and want to know how you can “Get In The Game” then you’ll want to register here, and now.

Players must register with a player rewards code, and you can only get them from game associates.   Here’s one just for my fans “RawTalent” Come Thanksgiving Day only those who’ve pre-registered will be the first to be able to play. A pre-black Friday gift. Pre-register before Thanksgiving Day to get 12 FREE game credits.

You don’t have to stand out side not able to get in. If you want in the game just click on the ticket below to pre-register now!

fire-fan-ticketNFL Thanksgiving Day 2016 Line Up!

Minnesota at Detroit 12:30 PM CBS Ford Field
Washington at Dallas 4:30 PM FOX AT&T Stadium
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis 8:30 PM NBC Lucas Oil Stadium


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