How To Have A Thanksgiving With Sanity

How to have a Thanksgiving with sanity

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If you’re taking the time to read this, I bet it’s because you’re bracing yourself right now. Your preparing for another year of feeling crappy, and not because you ate to much turkey. Believe it or not it really is possible to come out on the other side of Thanksgiving,  and still have your sanity in tact.  I know based on previous years it does not seem at all possible., but keep reading.

Most women who stress during Thanksgiving or any holiday really, fall into a combination of 3 categories. 1.} The super women who try to do it all. 2.} The push overs who let someone else “always” have final say in what you “really” would like to do with little to no compromise. 3.} The procrastinators who wait until the last minute.

So we’ll start with step one. Toss the bad memories of years gone by, out the window.   This applies to all groups 1, 2, and 3. It really does not matter how many years you took your family to uncle Ted’s. The horrible thing about tradition is that to many get stuck in it. When we get stuck in tradition we leave no room for the new.

I don’t want to bore you with long drawn  out wordy paragraphs.  So I’m going to break this down into things you may have heard before but maybe now are ready to hear again,  in exchange for your sanity.

The Game Plan

My number 1’s for the love of turkey you are not the holiday God/Goddess. I promise if you ask for help, and actually take it the sky will not fall. Most of us number 1’s are so stuck in things being a certain way.

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We don’t see that we miss out on great opportunity to create new memories. Or how about letting someone else feel special for what they’ve done this year in the big meal. It does NOT have to be Martha Stewart perfect to be considered a success.

My number 2s bless your heart I know you only want to keep peace. But I also know it’s costing you, your peace. At the end of the day someone somewhere is not happy every year because you catered to what someone else wanted. And you still feel miserable. Maybe this year as usual you’ve already said yes. You’ll go here, or do that  “again.”

It’s not to late to demand a compromise,  and stick to what makes YOU happy this year.  You will feel like a fish out of water the 1st time you make this stand. It may even make people mad most likely the significant other who’s always got their way. But I promise with practice you can have your pie, and eat it to.

My number 3’s I can’t say this any other way because you will save this for later, and forget to come back to it. LOL! Look chick, down size it, outsource it, or just stop it. If you are not going to find a way to get ahead of the game save yourself the stress of another holiday a day late, and dollar short.  You really need to consider other options. The suggestions above will give you more peace.


lucyninjawifeI didn’t want to  post this up, and leave you with out any support. If this short read has punched you in the gut, and your thinking how to make the changes you need I have a few great leads that will help hold you up. A lot of the reading audience is married or at least marriage mined, and in holiday planning it takes consulting with, or at least having a conversation with your other half.  If your finding this a challenge it’s my pleasure to introduce you to LucyNinjaWife.

Mango -AKA- LucyNinjaWife  is an intuitive wife coach who provides both one on one sessions, as well as group sessions, and social media support groups. She is an advocate of marriage who can help you be the wife or partner you dream to be. She is a mother who knows the ins and outs of blended family life, and how to survive the holiday hustle. I also would like to invite you to join our Squad Goals Group. It’s a Facebook group created just for fans of my blog. In the group we are ladies who squad up, and handle business supporting each other in goals in all of life’s areas.

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