How To Make The New Year Better

How To Make The New Year Better

Even those who had a great year will set goals to make the new year better.   I have a process that has helped me have my best years yet. I would love to share it with you.

1.} Start NOW.  Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. That’s not just an old saying that your elders use to shun you for being lazy. LOL! There is power in now. There is something about action in the present moment.  It fuels your desires into a reality that you can be in love with.  If you start now I promise you’ll have reason to celebrate the new year!

how to make the new year better
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2.} The tools you need. You only need a few things. I suggest something that makes you feel good every time you pick it up. Remember this is about investing in yourself. Pick something that makes you smile, and laugh, that makes you feel special or luxurious.  Buy yourself a quality journal, and  pen. This journal and pen are your tools. They are the only things outside of your own imagination, and great feelings that you will need.

3.} Follow the process. The process is as easy as writing your own fairy tale. Well actually it “is” writing your own fairy tale.  In your journal write about yourself and others  in a thankful, optimistic way.  Why do I call it  fairy tale? You make up short stories, and statements based on what you’d like things to be. Not based on what they are.

What to write?

Statements –  Write about what you appreciate about them, and why your thankful for them. Make these as real as possible.  Draw from good memories, and creatively add to them where needed.

Stories – Write short stories of happily ever after.  These stories are about how they love you,  and how you enjoy each other. Want to see change in their life? Write stories about how well they are doing. These stories display you, and them in the best light.


Writing Guides:

1.} Only write  in a good mood. And if you are not in a good mood do not write at all

2.} Only write positives {NO} negatives at all.

3.} Write in present tense as if these things are happening here, and now .

Aside from that the sky is the limit. Make it as detailed as you can,  as good feeling as you can. Don’t limit yourself to improving relationships write about yourself as well. Write about what you love about you, what great things you are doing. how well you are living.

4.} Stay consistent. Some days you will not want to write at all.  This is o.k.   Whatever works for you make sure you stick to it.  Start now, and hold yourself accountable.  If you need an accountability partner or an accountability group click here to join us in The Squad Goals Group! 

5.} Celebrate It won’t take long after starting this that you are going to look at a few people different. You are going to be able to speak to them more or tolerate them longer.   Your own goals will be more in focus. With every little notice of change celebrate it. Let it fuel you to pause and say wow. To write more maybe., and to be grateful for it,  and celebrate it. Celebrating on New Year’s Eve you won’t even have thought of the year that just passed. You will be celebrating a fairy tale of now, and the coming year ahead!

Would you like a one on one session to learn more about this process? I would love to coach you. Use the calendar link below to schedule your session today! Gratitude writing is a very powerful tool that can have real impact  in your life. Click Here To Schedule

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