Top 12 Items From Jen’s Favorite Things 2016 Gift Guide

The Top 12 Items From Jen’s Favorite Things 2016 Gift Guide

I wanted to share my top 12 items from my Jen’s Favorite Things 2016 gift guide. Now don’t get me wrong I probably could have made this the stop 20. There we’re actually 2 or 3 items per a page that I have personal affection or connection to. But for the sake option overload LOL! These are my top 12,  and the reasons why.  Click on any image for details or purchase. You can also find the full gift guide here.


bonsai-tree1.} Brussels Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Pg.1 – This made the list because I adore just about everything oriental. I think oriental art, and decor speak to peace, strength, and elegance all at the same time.  Anytime I can incorporate it into my living or working space I do.




2.} She believed she could so she did. A daily gratitude journal / planner  Pg.2  she-did-journal

I know the power of gratitude, and how it can change your life. It also made the list because planing or keep your goals in front of you is essential  to any real change.  Any tools that inspire you to use gratitude and planning in your life will always make my list.


3.} Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation  Collection Pg.3 – I am a firm believer in meditation.  In my experience meditation allows a personal spiritual connection, that life needs. I started meditation with a  21 day series just like this.  I think they are great for beginners or those who enjoy guided sessions.

4.} The Power by: Rhonda Byrne Pg.4the-power

This book is amazing, and will open you up to a whole new way to look at life. If you are just tired of life as is, and can’t seem to maintain real joy. then I suggest this great read.I can honestly say this book was a start to my yellow brick road of living life on “my” terms.

5.} miller Braxton Miller #13 Texan’s NFL Jersey Pg.5 –  This made my list because Braxton is an amazing member of our “Miller” family. One of his uncles is a best friend of my husband’s as is the rest of the family that we love., and are close to. I’m so very proud of him,  and making the NFL . We’ve supported him since his OSU days so this was a no brainer to make this years list.

6.} Aorta Planter  Pg.6 – planter

I enjoy things that are unique and speak to life. This planter does both! This swirling loop of solid softwood resembles the gentle oblong shape of the human heart,  and it houses an air plant .

head-phones7.} Onanoff Kids headphones. Pg.7 – These made the list because I have 3 kids ages 21, 14, and 8. I know two things. One, it’s annoying to have them never hear you because they have something blasting in their ears.  Two more than being heard you would like them not to damage their ear drums. These come in all colors and even two packs.

8.} That’s What She Said Game Pg.8 what-she-said

For a great girls night in. We all need to relax, and unwind from time to time. If your not the club type of ladies,  or if you are just wanting a night in but still have a lot of laughs then you you’ll dig this.

3d-pen9.} DrunkQueen 3D Printing Pen Pg.9 –  This did not make the list because of it’s name. Although I think it’s super funny. No, this made this list because I think it’s a great gift for the imagination of anyone,  at any age. What better to see something in your mind literally come to life from the pen!

10.} Solar Phone Charger Pg.10 solar-phone-charger

We really enjoy bike riding with our family we gather up the kids , and hit the local bike trails.  We’ll go on nine mile rides more or less. Some times stop for ice cream or pizza to fuel up along the way. I like to track miles, maps,  and calories etc. But it can really drain your phone battery. So having one of these on the rides keeps you connected.

affirmation-bangles11.} Sweet Romance Inspirational Message Bracelets Pg.11  – I really like these for myself and as gifts. They are silver and gold so they match any look you are pulling off.   You can gift the whole set or separately. to different special people.   If you have a teen / young adult who doesn’t want lectures pass these gentle messages a long to her and let them speak for you.  Or a friend who needs encouragement will find these uplifting as well as yourself.

12.} Satori Unwrapped Pg.12 satori

We as woman are complex,  and diverse, and we like things that fill the full range of those wants, and needs. This book it is ladies. The author  Satori is an associate of mine who’ve had the acquaintance of since high school days, so to support him is an honor. However, this booking making this list is because I know you’ll enjoy it. It’s a delightful combination of intelligence, meets emotion, and a space where the erotic plays with romance.

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