How Can We Make Consistency Easy

What does consistency mean?

Consistency  means the texture of a thing, usually food. You know how soup or pudding holds together. Or conformity of thing meaning it’s done the same way to get the same results. This sticky little word can make or break a thing, and yes even a person.  So how can we make consistency easy?

This questions is playing live and in living color for me right now. Why? Well,  because once again I’ve gone up a jean size, and once again my honor roll student has let her grades slip mid quarter. Oh she’ll end the quarter on honor roll as she always does. But why can’t she keep the same pace of work in the between time? And I’ll most likely go  back down a jean size after workouts, juicing and smaller portions with more water LOL! But why didn’t’ I stick to all consistently in the first place?  The reoccurring theme is that whenever we lose consistency we have a set back. We lose ground and things “don’t” hold together so well.

Think about it almost anything in life that you’ve obtained came about because you we’re consistent at what it took to get it. And many times whatever we lose in life is because our consistency in that area fell off. But why, and how can we keep things more even.  I’m at a point in life where the yo yo is getting less fun. I want less inconsistency, and more stability. So I’ll share what I’ve found that works to make  consistency easy.

Change and Happiness -vs- Consistencyrepeatable

Change and happiness are not always friendly with consistency. They are like the friend who smiles in your face but talks about you behind your back. They only play nice when we keep an eye on them. See when my eating plan was good and I was working out I was at home more than the office and that meant I had more time to plan meals and work out.  So when things changed I lost consistency in my routine that held together that smaller jean size. LOL!  As for my daughter she gets consistent in her work mid way to the end because she knows her happiness in free time hinges on her consistent effort. But after the grade is earned she finds her “real” happiness is not in doing work,  so back down the scale she goes until next time.

I’m never really happy about doing dishes yet I like a clean home. So if I have a change in schedule that takes dish time out of sync then I’m actually happier but the cleanliness of my home loses a step. See how happiness and change gang up on consistency. And if you look at your life you’ll see this same scenario played out in all kinds of sneaky little areas.

The Fix

To make it a fair fight the only fix is decision. I know that’s not the magic wand you wanted but it’s truth. Somethings just come down to a decision and consistency’s back up’s are  maturity and follow through.  Mature  enough to say I made this decision. Mature enough to say I’ll “have ” to re-work “other” things to fit this decision and not the other way around. Then follow through with whatever you need to support that.

consistencyHappiness can be more of a friend again in this scene because hopefully the decision was one that brings core happiness. And if so then it’s easier for maturity and follow through to buddy up next to the consistency that’s needed to keep happiness around.

I would dare say without decision consistency does not stand a snow balls chance. But this can’t be any fair weathered, flimsy, watered down decision. If so lack of consistency will tell on it and fast. No this has to be a rock solid firm decision that puts out like a date at the end of a good night. Other wise you’ll leave her walking home.

So if your finding that your life is up and down and your inconsistent in things re-visit what you really want to be happy. Make firm decisions that support that happiness and hang out with maturity and  follow through. This get along gang will make consistency easy!

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