Are You Married To Your Message?

Are you married to your message?

I know asking if you are married to your message comes off as an odd question, but keep reading, and you’ll see it’s really not. You’ll see that in order to make it in business you MUST be married to your message. Or maybe for some married to your product.. As a newbie you tend to latch on to every oh shit shiny that you see. LOL! Come on, you know what I’m talking about. New ways to promote, new ways to do copy, new ways to build list. There’s a “way” for darn near every segment of the biz.

When putting together who you are, and what you do in your biz it’s easy to lose yourself? I bet a cool grand if we went back to the first “how to” that you subscribed to we would find you again.. Don’t’ beat yourself up over it, trust me it happens to the best of us.  I really think it’s a natural part of the process.

You want  to be seen, and heard. So, you do things the way others are telling you to, in order to be seen, and heard, and to make sales. You want that top sales spot or that world known coach title. . But for most of us heart driven, spiritually grounded, creatures this just doesn’t work for us. And it doesn’t matter if your “thing” is a product or a service.  The more you mush around in how others do it the worse you feel.

At some point even if your not a competitive person you start to feel the squeeze of competition. So when someone else even comes close to using a method you feel was your idea, now your feathers are ruffled. How dare they do what I’m doing, say what I’m saying, etc. Anger, and if they are higher level than you, even defeat enters your poor little feelings.

Renew your vowels

If any of the above feels or sounds familiar it’s time for you to renew your vowels.   A great book once told us;  “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This means no matter if you coach or sell products at the end of the day it’s all old news. Yesterday’s “What so ever you believe in you shall receive” is today’s “Think, and grow rich”. Yesterday’s Avon is today’s MAC . The message is not new,  and you are not the first messenger.

See you have a unique signal that no matter if someone else says the exact same thing you do, and in the same way you do they still wouldn’t be able to attract your tribe.  So if you know this, and believe this, then you know there really is no competition.  You can do things your own way, and still  be wildly successful. You want success?Renew your vowel to deliver what you believe in.

As a coach I will beat the drum of change is possible till my last dying breath. Not because I’m a coach but because that’s just who I am, and what I believe. Coaching is just a method to get that message out there.  But I’m so married to that message, and I want to see it so badly in the lives of others I don’t care if they get it from me or not. This is what I mean when I ask, are  you married to your message?  I may not be the sugar that helps the medicine go down for everyone. But I want them well so badly that I will point them to what’s sweet for them if it means them getting well.

As a Rodan Fields rep If you know women can feel confident, and sexy again with your products, and you want to see that in other women so badly you would refer them to a rep more suited for them to work with than you., Now that’s being married to your products. The focus, and intensity behind being married to your message / products is what sets off a scent of success that attracts sales to you.

Don’t get me wrong. There is method to madness in all the ways to sale, to market, etc. But keep your vowels, stay married to your message, and don’t let the ways water down your why’s. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are just the newest messenger. It’s a thing that will humble yet at the same time empower you.

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