Happy New Year Again

Happy New Year Again

That  ball drop feeling.

Have you ever noticed that any time you make the decision to start fresh you get that new year feeling? We could really say. Happy new year “again”. LOL! But instead it comes out as Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or You can do it!

See it comes with your birthday or going back to school. Perhaps launching a new project or business. Maybe you started a new eating, and fitness plan, or yes it could be 11:59pm on that last day of the calendar. It could be the choice to start a promising relationship or stop a toxic one. But no matter the event that new me feeling comes with all of these.

The promise o f new. We all like to declare “Look! I am choosing new, different, and better!”  It’s important that we identify this feeling and use it as a tool in all of these moments.  Identifying it and using it keeps us from being stuck. Learn to harness it  through out the next 12 chapters, 365 pages, and 52 sub titles that you have before you. Keep it in front of you always.

Why? Because if not the bumps in-between will hold you captive. The lessons that many mistakenly call failures, will become a road blocks. Stopping you from getting to the next  ball drop spot. But if you become comfortable with celebrating that ball drop feeling “anywhere” along your way. Ah ha! Now you are more likely to keep moving forward no matter what the in between ups, and downs are.

Happy New Year “Again”

Allows you to be present in your moment. It takes away the looking back in regret at what you could have done, and it get’s rid of looking to far ahead at what might go wrong. Instead you can throw a personal party, and celebrate right where you are. The key here is to only invite guest who get it. Anyone who says well you know  3 months ago you . . . yada yada yada.  Screw’em they just got their self removed from your party list.

Don’t get me wrong criticism that comes with solutions is a good thing. If you can show me how to get right what I’ve been getting wrong, I’m all ears.  Or better yet if you can show me how  to improve, I’m all ears. And I hope you reading this are mature, and open enough for this to. But if they are only coming to my party to watch, and say I told you so.  Um, guess what ? Your not invited. I need people who will hope in me like hell, and do it with their mouth, and their actions.

So as I say to you all Happy New Year! I hope in the very near future for some reason or another that I get to say it again!

If you want a great supportive place to link up with women who get it. Women who have complex and diverse goals and will be throwing parties all year long. I invite you to join us in my Facebook Squad Goals Group.  Click Here To Join! It’s an amazing interactive fun place of community, and support for women who take life on “their’ terms, and who lean on each other to get it done! Two exciting things we are starting with the New Year are SMG’s = Squad Mini Grants to help fund the dreams and goals of the women we squad up with and Squad Sister of The Week to come along side and “really” push out support and motivation for one another. You don’t want to miss this!

Happy New Year "Again"



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