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jennipher-jo-about-me-photoAbout me

What you should know about me. I’m a wife, and mother of 3 from Ohio. Home of “The Ohio State Buckeyes” catching lighting bugs, greats like John Legend, and Braxton Miller who both grew up in my home town, might I add. And just a well rounded state to say are my roots.

I’ve come from a diverse collage of life experience.  I wanted a way to merge my diversity into what I enjoy, and somehow create a life from it all, so. . . ta da!  This is it. I’ve served as a motivational coach, and speaker which I loved but hated the selling.  I adore assisting greatness, and I have lent more than my fare share of years in administrative task both in office, and virtually. Something great about me. I worked with the fullness of life I’ve served CEO’s to Inmates, Entrepreneurs to Social Services. And to be honest I still love to jump in, and be hands on with the right projects. But I knew consulting would give me greater freedom, and allow me to leverage my time to assist more people. It energizes me to see others take whatever I can share, and succeed with it! So blogging as a way of friendly conversation seemed like a win/win that would give the platform to creatively connect all the pices of the puzzle.

I’m here to share life, give my opinions, talk about services, and product reviews, give advice on how I see business work or not LOL! , And to coach you across your finish line!


What will you see here:

In my blogging my goal is to share the completeness of my complexity LOL! I can’t promise you what you will come across on any given day. Business, life experience, personal opinion, product review, a musing from my day, services, and offers. Heck who knows. But, What I can promise you is that it will be the authentic version. Jen & Juice {That’s me! } right from life’s dirty glass.  I will never side step or dilute. Along the way we’ll get to know one another, learn a lot, and grow to be people more amazing than we we’re before we met.

In life I’m an eternal student,  and I enjoy meeting new people,  and learning new things. I never count myself to get it wrong with so many ways to get it right,  and I never count myself to know it all when the sun rises with new information each day.

I hope you’ll stay awhile.  And if you ever have comments or questions, need services or consultation please reach out to me.

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