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Advertise here, Use the contact form below , and let’s work together. Post that are not daily musings or personal opinions are items shared via advertising/affiliate agreements. Advertised items are shared in one or more of these ways; via ad space, blog post, or video post. If shared via blog or video post they are shared as a product review,  or as my own suggestion to the reading audience.

I enjoy advertisers who have products, and serves the audience can use and afford. I enjoy connecting the audience with coaches they can gain life change, and improvement with. As well as tools/products that make a difference in their day be it productive or entertainment/enjoyment.

The audience includes any combination of the following:  Organic blog readers, Facebook page, and group fans, Linkedin connections, Pinterest followers, Instagram followers, and Youtube fans, I’m always excited to share services,  tips, and tools with my audience that I feel they can use to enhance their lives! My blog is diverse, and complex as is my audience., so all proposals are given serious review,  and consideration.

Who is the Audience

Women 25 to 55
United States Residents
Employed with annual salaries of $50,000.00 a year or greater
These women are most likely moms
Married or interested in marriage
Life experience has led them to know they want different, and better, and they are now, some for the first time creating life on” their” terms.
They need, and enjoy social connection,  and support
They are open to products, and services that will show a “real” return on investment in their lives.
Most have some College education if not degreed, and or they are highly skilled in their chosen fields. Some seeking new life direction in career choice.
They care less about politics, but all for community good
These women are amazing, and resilient despite life’s woes.