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Queendom Council

Open seats at the Queendom Council table: Today I launched a new Facebook group “The Queendom Council” It is an inspired space of creativity, love, support and amazingness. It’s roots  come Read More


Unlocking The Code Of Investment

Investing is activation of spiritual law Investments come in different shapes forms, and fashions. Many tend to think only of money when you say the words, invest,  and return.  And Read More


My Appendectomy

My Appendectomy About my appendectomy. I wanted to write about something else but this is in my way. It keeps popping up to the surface every time I think about Read More


Are You Married To Your Message?

Are you married to your message? I know asking if you are married to your message comes off as an odd question, but keep reading, and you’ll see it’s really Read More

Happy New Year Again

Happy New Year Again

That  ball drop feeling. Have you ever noticed that any time you make the decision to start fresh you get that new year feeling? We could really say. Happy new Read More

jerk chicken dip

Jerk Chicken Dip

I’ll be making this Jerk Chicken Dip for the 2017 Fiesta Bowl on New Years Eve Day! Ah Jerk chicken dip! One of my all time favorite vacations was to Read More


How Can We Make Consistency Easy

What does consistency mean? Consistency  means the texture of a thing, usually food. You know how soup or pudding holds together. Or conformity of thing meaning it’s done the same Read More