Consulting – Maybe you’ve been eyeing the workings of the business, and you want the scoop on how to do XYZ. Maybe your aware of my ninja like administrative.assistant  life , and you just know I can help you nail a system or a process. Whatever the reason for your consult needs, I’m here! I don’t believe in competition.  I’m so married to the message that I want EVERYONE to share greatness. I’ll help anyone get up and going in the right direction. So if you need to consult with someone, and map things out I would be honored to assist. Just book a time below, and we’ll have a meeting of the minds. Consultation sessions are $60 per the hour.  Website creation is also available @ $75 per page click this link for more details.

Coaching If you are ready to invest in yourself . I would be honored walk with you through your life’s changes, and challenges.  Schedule a lunch chat with me! . This 1 hour session is to see if I am a good fit for your needs., explore your area, and assist with it as much as possible during our time. Sometimes a  break through comes in just that session!  And If we need more time additional sessions can be scheduled from there.  I assist  with understanding spiritually -vs- religion,  learning and applying the laws of attraction, and personal development and motivation.

Speaking – Speaking arrangements are made on a case by case basis depending on topic and location. Please forward an e-mail directly to me with your interest and questions using the contact me link.