Consulting – Maybe you’ve been eyeing the workings of the business, and you want the scoop on how to do XYZ. Maybe your aware of my ninja like admin.assistant  life before now, and you just know I can help you nail a system or a process. Whatever the reason for your consult needs, I’m here! I don’t believe in competition.  I’m so married to the message that I want EVERYONE to share greatness. I’ll help anyone get up and going in the right direction. So if you need to consult with someone, and map things out I would be honored to assist. Just book a time below, and we’ll have a meeting of the minds.

Coaching – You’ve been reading the blog post, and you feel a nudge to finally get life right in a few areas. I would be honored to serve you in coming out on top in your life’s changes and challenges.  Schedule a lunch chat with me! . This 1 hour session is to see if I am a good fit for your needs., explore your area, and assist with it as much as possible during our time. Sometimes a  break through comes in just that session, but If we need more time additional sessions can be scheduled from there.  And if we are not a fit we’ll it’s just a proverbial lunch, and we’ve still made it further down our path. I’ll direct you to an amazing referral who can serve you where you are.