Squad Goals Group

squad-goals-banner3The squad goals group is a closed Facebook group of women who know that when you squad up you get shit done. Women who know they don’t need a new life but they do need life on “their” terms.

It’s a space that serves the complexity of who “we” are as women. We have personal goals, we have business goals, we have family or work place goals, and in this group we squad up and handle it.

When I have a business question I can take it to my squad. When I’m having a mommy melt down I can lean on my squad. When I want a DIY idea I ask my squad first.  If this is what you want, or need I hope you will join us. Click here or the group banner above to join us now! 

Group guidelines are simple.

  • Be a lady
  • Mind your manners,
  • Be respectful,
  • Give as much as you take.
  • Please no promoting outside of the promotion thread on the promo day.  {Talk It Up Tuesday}

Aside from the promotion rule post freely and post often. If you need help opening up in the group maybe the themed days will help you jump in. The themed days are listed below and are just to create fun consistent interaction and sharing. Use them or not we’ll love you either way! LOL!

Themed Days –
Monday- Make it happen Monday – Share your goals for the week

Tuesday – Talk it up Tuesday Share your products, offers, and programs

Wednesday – What Wednesday Ask questions that we can answer to help you reach your goals.

Thursday – Thoughtful Thursday – Give a shot out to a person or business who’s made your day.

Friday – Fabulous –vs- Freak Friday Share how your seek is rounding out.

Saturday – Sassy Saturday share what you are doing this weekend

Selfie Sunday – We have the finest squad share those selfies

Two exciting things we are starting with the New Year 2017 are SMG’s = Squad Mini Grants to help fund the dreams and goals of the women we squad up with and Squad Sister of The Week to come along side and “really” push out support and motivation for one another. You don’t want to miss this!

*The women in this video are actual Squad Goals Group Members!