Squad Mini Grants

Squad Mini Grants -AKA- SMG’s are a support function of the Facebook Squad Goals Group.
SMG’s are issued monthly. Squad members apply for the grants and those who’ve donated that month serve as that months panel. The panel takes a vote to chose who get’s that’s months funds. Minus fee’s all funds are given to the grantee, and or payment is sent on their behalf.

Grants are for any goal business or personal we don’t limit the support we give to our squad. Eligibility is based on group participation of 60 days or greater and the funds going towards a goal of improvement in a business or personal area. Our goal is to fund $8,000 a year minus fees.

Updates on grantees, and success stories will be shared on the Go Fund Me SMG page, and in the Squad Goals Group.

If you would like to apply for a SMG please use the form below. If you would like to donate to the SMG’s please click here to donate via the SMG go fund me page.

1.) You must be an “active”  Squad Goals Member of 60 days or greater

2.) Funds must be for a business or personal goal. i.e. business cost, educational cost, fitness/health cost,  community project, etc.

3.) All votes by the Panel of the month are final.

4.) You may not be on the panel if your application is one that is being reviewed for that month.

5.) To be on the panel for any month you must have made a donation of $20 or greater in that month. We must have proof of this via the go fund me page.

6.) To be on the panel you must be an “active” Squad Goals Member of 60 days or greater.

7.) Applications accepted but not voted as granted are held and re-reviewed until granted, and or until the end of the calendar year when we start over again.