Squad Sister of The Week

If you are a member of the Squad Goals Facebook Group and you would like support in a business or personal area please complete the form below. Your name will be added to list, and when it’s your week we’ll let the squad know; 1.) Who you are  2.) What your goals are be it business or personal  and 3.) How they can best support you.

During your week the whole squad will get behind you in any way that they can. We ask that you give as well as you take, and that you support other squad sisters equally. The idea came about from seeing comment and support groups and to me it only made sense that we can do that for each other here. After all that’s what we’re here for is to squad up and smash goals!

A few guidelines to keep in mind. A.) Squad Sister of the Week spots are issued on a first come first serve basis. Each person is highlighted as the entries below are received. B.) You must be an active member of the Squad Goals group. C.) Please do NOT re-enter more than once every two months. “IF” we have low activity we will re-run the list. D.) And all goals are welcome to be supported!